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Where’s the pause button please?

It’s been TWO weeks since I blogged. Where on earth has that gone?  It’s not that I’ve got nothing to say, not at all, almost daily I think ‘ooh, I could do a post about…’, and I’ve actually even taken to geekishly scribbling ideas down sometimes (s’what proper writers do, apparently), it’s just that I simply haven’t had time to sit at the laptop long enough or with enough brain power to actually formulate thoughts and sentences.  Even my beloved twitter has been neglected – that my friends, is the sign of a busy mummy!

And I shouldn’t complain, because aside from a few really gruesome teething days, it’s generally good stuff keeping me busy ( like my shiney new Xplory!! {whole ‘nother post in the making}, Christmassy planning, lots of coffee dates, a couple of nights out with the daddy, meeting up with Bec & Kelly & their boys for festive fun, putting up the Christmas tree today… allsorts of goodies), but the last couple of weeks really have left me feeling like I need a time out. A day or two to myself to just chill out & catch up with the seven million and three things that need my attention. And before you all shout Duh! You’re a mum now, never gonna happen! I do know it’s not – but wouldn’t it be nice if life did come with a pause button?

Everything could just stop. Just for a while. Long enough to drink a hot cup of tea without having to change a nappy, or dispense teething aids, or run interference between increasingly mobile baby & dog bowl. Just enough time to actually cross a few things off the perpetual to-do list and remember that smug feeling of accomplishment.  Wouldn’t that be brilliant?

But of course, in real life, we just have to keep going.  And going. And I know this all sounds a bit whiney, and it really wasn’t supposed to, but I guess it’s the sleep deprived tiredness taking it’s toll, and the niggly stupid cold/cough deelie that’s been bugging me for far too long now. I just feel all a bit run down and overwhelmed. I’ve lost my neurotic mojo. I’m disorganised & nowhere near on top of things. And I don’t like it.

Still, tomorrow is a whole new week. We’re officially counting down to Christmas. I can get back on top of my game, and damn it, I will!  Because I am a mummy, and that is what mummys do. 

Bring it on.


If it ain’t broke… don’t be a lazy bum & stay in bed!!

Today has been something of a rite of passage. Not a good one though.

Let’s rewind…
Friday: Let the daddy’s 4 day weekend commence! Much joy, quickly cancelled out by the dread that was the mummy having a date with the dentist to have 2 wisdom teeth yanked out. Ouch 😦 But an hour or so later, still numb, but determined not to waste any more weekendie goodness, we trundled to town in search of lunch & cold drinks. (medicinal purposes, obviously.)
Whilst lunching, got a text from a friend to say she’d had her baby in the early hours of the morning – yay 🙂
So, off we trundled to the hospital for a visit. (via mothercare for teeny sleepsuit purchasing – little minx had decided on being 2 weeks early so was weeny, very cute though. But didn’t make me want another. Honest.)Finally got home at around 7pm, having been out since 8.30am. Loooong day.

Saturday: *gawjuss* sunshine, so despite much leftover dentist pain, decided it was too nice to stay in, promptly went for a long walk along the seafront with the Mr the baby & the dog, stopped off for pub lunch in the beer garden (pear cider- far better wisdom tooth painkiller than ibuprofen!), long walk home, crashed out in front of rubbish Saturday night tv. Looooong day numero deux.

Sunday: Again, scrummy weather, decided it’d be a good idea to jump on the train & go to Brighton. Much pounding of highstreet later, got home, cooked dinner, zonked. Yeah, Looooooong day hat-trick.

Monday: More sunshine? Why you are surely spoiling us Madame Nature! There was a big ol’ fete/procession/charidee affair on in town, so we went & had a nosey at that, and then as is tradition on Bank Holiday Mondays, headed to the pub for their daytime-kids-welcome-karaoke affair. (My sister works in the pub & one of my best mates does the karaoke – be rude not to :D)
Got home all walked & sung out, and yes indeed, that made 4 on the looooong day tick chart.

Back to today…
the little dude was awake at 5.30am. Bear in mind that he is a dream baby who usually lets me sleep till at least 6.45, and had hardly any naps yesterday, so I was (foolishly) hoping for a reasonable lie-in. Still, he was quite happy laying in bed with me till about 7am, then started shouting for a bottle.

Here’s where it all went wrong.
Usually, we get up at 7am, Dylan enjoys breakfast while watching GMTV, we play for a while, then he goes for a nap at about 9. That’s been our routine since he was about 4 weeks old.

Today, I was an exhausted, sleepy, lazy mummy.
So when Daddy made up a bottle & brought it into the bedroom, I thought ‘Ah what the hell’ propped the little dude up in our bed, and fed him there. All good. Don’t know whether he was just super comfy or exhausted from the full on weekend, but he fell asleep again pretty much as soon as he was finished, for a good 2 hours.

He woke up FULL of beans, demanding to be fed, entertained, changed – all the usual.
The window for his afternoon nap came & went.
His afternoon feed came & went. Still no sign of sleep.
We played, we danced, we listened to The Guillemots.
Nope, not tired.
We read a story.
Not tired.
Got to about 4pm & the cranky kicked in with a vengeance.
Cuddles didn’t work, rocking didn’t work, singing didn’t work.
He cried.
I cried.
Daddy got home at 6.30, mummy was frazzled & relieved.
7pm bottle came and went.
8.30 – FINALLY, a sleeping baby.

So now, my head is pounding & I’m twice as tired as I was this morning.
Lesson learned? Do not mess with the routine.

Not ever!

What a difference 16 weeks makes!

The little dude has been here for 112 days today!
It amazes me how much he’s changed in that time – aside from over doubling in size! He’s constantly smiling now (oh how I love that big gummy grin when I get him up from his naps!), getting more vocal by the day, and *this* close to sitting up unaided!

He’s so much more interactive too – with me, his daddy, other babies – the dog!
Rather than just looking all cute and dinky & sleeping & pooping, he’s developing a proper litle personality – he’s a total chatterbox, grabbing everything he can get his hands on, always looking round, taking everything in. He’s brilliant.

And of course, I’ve done 16 weeks of intensive mummy-training too, and d’you know what? I think I’m actually getting pretty good at it!

– I can change even the most explosive nappy in less than a minute
– I can get the LD dressed in less than 5 – without worrying that I’m going to bend an arm the wrong way or twist an ankle! (his, not mine :P)
– I can (at a push) have us both washed, dressed, fed & out the door before 10am
– I can tell the difference between cries for ‘I’m hungry!’, ‘I’m bored’, ‘I need a new nappy!’, never believed that would happen!
– I can trust myself to know that the LD is well fed without having to neurotically set alarms on my mobile to make sure he’s feeding 3-hourly-on-the-dot-like-clockwork (I love that one!)
– I can pretty much count on getting at least 6 hours of sleep at night! (Love that one even more!)
– I can do a whole bunch of things one-handed.
– I can multitask like no ones business – loading the washing machine while making bottles, eating toast & brushing my hair? No problem.

Don’t worry though, I’m not about to get to get all smug & complacent – I’m well aware that there’s still lots to learn!

The LD will be crawling before I know it (what do I do then when I need to nip to the loo? Can’t just leave him lying on his play mat, safe in the knowledge he’ll still be there when I get back!!), and of course weaning is on the horizon (am currently reading up on babyled weaning after everyone’s advice – interesting stuff!), plus a million other new challenges I haven’t even thought of yet.

Honestly though, I’m loving every minute of it.
Who knows what the little dude & I will have learned in another 16 weeks?
All I do know, is that I can’t wait to find out.

To sleep, perchance to dream…

I saw a briliant rubberstamp yesterday while I was spending money I shouldn’t be idly browsing my favourite craft shops online…

“People who say they sleep like a baby, generally don’t have one.”

It made me giggle.

But, at the risk of sounding ridiculously smug & probably jinxing myself big time, I’m actually pretty lucky in that department. The little dude generally drifts off at about 8ish, has a sleepy feed at 11.30ish, then *usually* goes through to around 6am (which to be honest, is a little earlier than I generally like to get up, but I suppose I shouldn’t complain!!) – not too bad for a 3 month old!

What I don’t get though, is my inability to last on minimum sleep rations.

Back in the day, I was quite a party girl!
At college, I’d go clubbing til the early hours & still make morning lectures, at least 3 times a week – I’d pull all nighters to get coursework in on time, not a problem, I’d be out again over the weekend & still hold down a weekend job – easy!

And even more recently pre-baby, my colleagues at work were always amazed at how fresh-faced I looked on a Friday morning after a weekly Thursday night karaoke-a-thon til 1am – and that was when a night out included more than one or two cocktails!!

Now, I barely drink, am pretty much always in bed just after midnight, and yet still find myself giving sleepy the dwarf a run for his money in the yawning stakes by teatime! Definitely need to work at the baby stamina – he’ll be crawling before long, I’ll spend all day chasing him round the house, and then I’ll really be shattered! 😛

Speaking of sleep – have you checked out the contest over at cafebebe? If not, do! It’s a great prize, sponsored by pampers, and while you’re there – have a poke around the site, it’s fabulous 🙂
I’m going to enter a picture of my sleepy little man.. I know, I know, mushy new mummy taking photos of the snoozy baby, but really – how cute? very 😀

sweet dreams dear readers! x

Busy Busy Week…

I am one tired mummy!

Partly because I did indeed jinx the little man’s sleeping through the night, which has been on again off again since (ah well, we’re making progress at least!), and partly because I basically haven’t stopped all week!

Weigh-day (little monster is a whopping 12lb 9oz now – over double the 6lb he dropped down to when he was poorly – yay!), mother & baby group, visit to Auntie’s (my little sister – can’t get enough of the little man :D), meeting up with new mummy friends, essential nappy-based shopping trips, and last night, a mummy & daddy trip to the pub while nannie looked after the baby. (Yeah, okay, that bit was self-inflicted tiredness 😉 – fun though, and I’m getting better at leaving the noodle for more than two minutes at a time!)

Plus of course all the usual nappy changing, bundles of washing, rounds of peek-a-boo, and all the other fun that comes with a new tiny person!

So yes, I don’t feel at all guilty about being a lazy bum today, we deserve it!
And as the little man is *finally* down for his nap (third time lucky), mummy gets a chance to blog & catch up with google reader 🙂

AND, a chance to share a rather lovely special offer with all you lovely mummies 🙂

Do you have hundreds of photos on your computer that you keep meaning to print but never get round to?
Have you ever used Photobox? If not, now is a great time to try them, because, not only do new customers get 40 free prints anyway, but until 2pm Monday, they can also order up to 50 more prints for just 1p each!
Or in other words, you can print 90 photos for 50p plus p&p (which is a very reasonable £1.49).
As a new mummy, I’ve taken quite literally hundreds of photos since the little dude arrived, and I always use photobox to print them – they are great quality, excellent value, & they deliver really quickly – can’t recommend them enough.
Click here to judge for yourself.

And now, as the daddy has kindly offered to see to the little man’s next feed, the mummy is off for a long soak in the bath… bliss 🙂

Proudest Mummy Ever :)

So not only has my little man mastered the art of pushing himself up off his tummy, but he’s also slept through to a reasonably respectable 6am for the last two nights!!

not bad for a day short of 12 weeks I think you’ll agree? 😀

I always promised my friends I wouldn’t become one of those mummys who goes completely over the top about every tiny achievement her baby makes, but do you know what, it’s impossible, and I make no apology!
I love my little man. He amazes me daily & I’m pretty sure I’ll never ever get bored of beaming proudly about all his new found skills 🙂
(probably a good thing I started this blog really, or I may end up on a slippery slope to no-friends-ville :P)

That said, here’s hoping I haven’t just well & truly jinxed the whole sleeping thing so that he decides 20 minutes will do nicely tonight.
Nah. That won’t happen. Right?

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