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Shiny Happy People

I’ve been a little bit down in the dumps the last few days.

Nothing awful, just a bit fed up, lots of little bits conspiring & ganging up & getting me down. I hate that. I am, as a rule, a chirpy, upbeat, cheerful sort of chick, and I annoy myself when I get in a funk. I’ve also completely lost my blogging mojo of late – lots of posts I want to do, but no time and/or motivation to make them happen.  I think it may be a case of too much going on + lack of focus + ongoing run down-ness = big chunk of Bleh. But I’m on it, I am.

So, thank goodness for the Shiny Happy People meme that’s doing the rounds. It was started by the lovely Rosie Scribble, and I’m sure I’ve been tagged, but can’t entirely remember who by, so I’ll just get on with it…

The rules go:  Name a song that makes you happy – a song you would listen to if you needed a sudden injection of happiness. Post an image that makes you smile, it can be anything – a silly photo, an image taken from the internet, anything at all that puts a smile on your face (and isn’t too rude!)

So, first up, the song.  Oh this was hard.  Music is one of the big loves of my life, and I have A LOT of go-to songs for when I need cheering up. After much deliberation, I opted for this little beauty:

That’s right, the eternally-awesome work of The Electric Light Orchestra.  I challenge anyone to listen to this GEM and not smile or tap a toe. If you don’t, I fear you might be made at least partially of STONE!  ELO are  a favourite of the Little Dude too – I had a bit of a revival during my pregnancy, and now whenever he hears them, his eyes light up 🙂 (same goes for the Guillemotts, The Arctic Monkeys, MGMT & Elbow – who would ALL get a place if I was allowed to pick my top TEN happy tunes.)  (Actually, I might add that to the list of posts I want to do.)

And a happy picture? Of course I could choose a photo of the little dude, or the daddy – those all make me smile, but instead, I’m opting for a favourite Loldog. (People are often surprised that icanhascheezburger is firmly in my favourites – presumably because I am a grammar snob and HATE txt spk {urg, felt dirty typing that :P}, but throw it together with insanely cute dogs & cats, and I freaking LOVE it.  Call it a guilty pleasure.)

So, Tah Da!:


How could anyone not catch the happy from this little mutt?!

Okay sure, it helps that I’m gaga for dogs in general, but really, the sheer joy in those eyes – the cheesey grin, the big wet nose – isn’t he brilliant?!

This one was a close contender too:

I have a weakness for the shaggy cuteness of a little gremlin-like shih-tzu, being that it is my own mutt of choice.  She makes me smile too… most of the time.  She’s actually in the proverbial dog house after contributing to the not so very fun parts of the last few days, but that’s another story.  For the most part, I love my little hair ball, and she is mostly happy-enducing.  (And she is ever so good with the little dude, can’t fault her for that.)

Highly reccomend a cheezburger visit to anyone feeling a bit blue – and if you’re not a four-legged fan, there are funny people pictures too 🙂

As for the tagging – I think most people have done this already, but if you haven’t, do!

Forget your troubles, get happy. You’ll feel loads better for it. I do 🙂


I love my boys…

So my lovely tweet-come-blog-come now actual real life friend Bec over at Beetroot and Gherkins (which if you don’t read, you should, because it is brilliant), tagged me with the “Share your favourite photo” meme, and I’ve been procrastinating over it, because frankly, it’s HARD!

I am a complete photo loony.  I LOVE them.  I always have a camera on me, I have a silly amount of pictures stashed on my laptop, several dozen cds, and many more albums. And I’m supposed to pick just ONE from the whole of all of time?? *brainmelt!*

But, I have done it. I have picked. Although I am going to add the disclaimer that it’s *one* of my favourites. So as to not upset all it’s little kodak friends.

So here is the lucky winner:

Most of you know I had a pretty horrible birth experience.  This picture was taken about an hour after I came round from the GA I had my c-section under. In all honestly, I barely remember taking it. (I’d been in labour for 14 hours and was under the influence of A LOT of drugs. I could have photographed an african elephant that morning and forgotten about it). The first time I really remember seeing it, LD was I think 4 days old, and I grabbed 5 minutes between feeds to download the pictures off my camera.  Soon as I saw this one, I promptly welled up & sat with a big goofy smile on my face, with big fat tears rolling down cheeks.  Hormonal tears.  Exhausted, sleep deprived tears.  Super proud new mummy tears.  Happy tears.  And not the resentful ‘why didn’t things go the way they should have done?’ tears I’d been shedding here and there up until then. Because looking at this picture, all the details and the drama, just didn’t seem to matter.  I had a beautiful baby boy, and an amazing man who’d been there with me every step of the way.  I had a family.

I still struggle with the memories of my labour & all that came with it.  I probably always will.  But this picture, and the real life versions of the boys in it, make it much, much easier to deal with.

I love those boys to pieces. I am super lucky, and super grateful to have them.  And I love this photo 🙂

As for tagging, you all know I’m rubish at that – I always pick people who’ve already done it, so I’ll say Emma JaneJosieClaire, Nat & Sian, because I don’t *think* they have, and anyone else who wants to share a favourite kodak moment – go right ahead! xx

Accomplishment & Memes & Zombies…

Busy, but lovely weekend here in the little dude household.
It was The Daddy’s weekend off, which is always good, because we get to indulge in some ‘family time’, and I get a lie in on Sunday morning (and coffee brought to me IN BED!! how i love that man of mine :D)

Also, if you’re wondering what that fuzzy glow I’m rocking is all about, no, I haven’t been at the ready brek, that, my friends, is the smug glow of accomplishment 🙂 The little dude’s room is officially finished! The light fitting is fixed, the new shade is up, and the black out blind is fitted. I’ve also gone through all his clothes, pulled out everything that’s now too small, and organised everything else by size. Tidied up *all* the lingering clutter, AND put all the photos I’ve taken from birth – the end of August into albums. Phew.

And now, I’m even making time to blog! Check me out!! Although I am cheating a little and opting for a meme in place of actual content. It’s a start.

I’ve been given allsorts of lovely awards & memes to do lately, but haven’t had the chance to sit down & actually do them yet. I will though, honest.

This one is jumping the queue though, because a. I’ve been tagged twice now, by Kelly and Lorraine (I just realised, if I’d put that the other way round, I’d have been tagged by Lorraine Kelly – hahahahaha!! Yes, it’s the little things that amuse me :D), and b. it’s short and sweet. (and easy.)

So here are the rules…

1. Collect the book that you have most handy.

2. Turn to page 161.

3. Find the 5th complete sentence.

4. Quote the sentence on your blog.

5. Pass it on to 5 other bloggers.

Well, I’m currently reading “Pride & Prejudice & Zombies”, by Jane Austen & Seth Grahame-Smith – yes, you read the title right, it’s Elizabeth Bennet at her feistiest, kicking undead zombie butt. It’s fabulous.

I don’t get nearly as much time to read as I used to pre-baby (funy that!), but I do try to make a point of reading at least a few pages everyday – just to keep the old grey matter working if nothing else.

Anyway, the sentence I have to share is…

“Regard for my sister’s credit and feelings prevented any public exposure; but my honour demanded a duel with Mr Wickham, who left the place immediately.”

Have I convinced you to give it a whirl?!
If you love the original, and you love zombies, you can’t go wrong. So long as you can keep an open mind and embrace the madness! 😀
You can buy it on amazon here.

As for the tagging, oh I hate this bit – I’m always late to the party & end up tagging people who’ve already done it, so I’ll just say anybody who hasn’t done it, and would like to, consider yourself tagged.

Now, back to Mr Darcy…

Awards & Memes…

I said I’d remember these eventually!

So firstly, thank you bunches to the very lovely Sandy at Baby Baby, for my ‘Honest Scrap’ award 😀

For this one, I have to share 10 fascinating facts about me, so here goes…

1. I’m a neurotic loony. My wardrobe is colour coordinated, and I only ever wear underwear in matching sets.
2. I’m obsessed with butterflies and frogs. Always have been, no idea why!
3. I’ve been a vegetarian since I was 9.
4. I have an inappropriate crush on Simon Cowell.
5. And a very appropriate one one Johnny Depp. He’s my back up husband.
6. I’ve got every Tim Burton movie on DVD. He’s my hero.
7. I never kill bugs, they always get scooped up & put outside. Except wasps & flies, they get squished.
8. I secretly enjoy trashy chick lit – ‘tis my guilty pleasure.
9. I hate bananas. The smell, the texture, the taste – ick. (Will not be feeding the little dude mushed up narnas, daddy can do that :P)
10. I know all the words to pretty woman. I know, such a girl 😛

And secondly, muchos gracias to the uuber organised Nadine at Time Management Mum for the Lemonade award:

For this one, I’m supposed to say what I’m thankful for… so many things!!
So off the top of my head, I’ll say:
My gorgeous baby boy, obviously, his equally gorgeous daddy, my wonderful friends (that means internet ones too – breastfeeding at 4am would be very lonely without you!), my dog, music (my life would be so much duller without my iPod & my CD collection!), and Galaxy Caramel.

Safe to say, I count my blessings daily 🙂

And lastly, thanks again to Sandy for tagging me for this meme:

Here are the rules:
Mention the person who tagged you. (done!)
Complete the lists of 8’s. (done!)
Tag 8 other bloggers and let them know. (um, not done, see below!)

8 Things I’m looking forward to:
1. My friend’s little girl’s 1st birthday party on Sunday – will be the little dude’s first party 😀
2. Weaning!
3. The next Dr Who special. I heart David Tennant.
4. The postman bringing the prezzie I bought Dylan yesterday!
5. The seafront fair this weekend
6. The Daddy having a whole week off next month.
7. My new kitchen being fitted.
8. Winning the lottery. (Got to be optimistic, or it’ll never happen, right?:P)

8 Things I did yesterday
1. Made a veggie lasagne
2. A load of baby washing. (baby clothes, not putting the baby in the machine, honest!)
3. Had a lovely long bath.
4. Watched QI repeats on Dave 🙂
5. Made a feeble attempt at denting the ironing pile.
6. Phoned my auntie.
7. Listened to ELO’s greatest hits. (so good.)
8. Tried & failed to sort the big box of ‘baby stuff’ in the living room. Will try that again tomorrow.

8 Things I wish I could do
1. Play an instrument – guitar, drums or piano would be good.
2. Sew. (technically I can, but not well.)
3. Knit. (see above.)
4. Speak Spanish, fluently. (I can hold a very basic conversation & order my dinner, but that’s it.)
5. Be one of those people who never forgets a birthday.
6. Remember where I put things. They’re never where I think they are.
7. Make really good chocolate chip cookies.
8. Be a stay at home mummy permanently… still working on that one 😉

8 favourite fruits
1. Apples – green ones, not red.
2. Grapes. (particularly when squished up & bottled)
3. Pear Cider. (‘tis one of my 5 a day, no?)
4. Oranges
5. Limes. (Very good wedged in a bottle of corona. I’m not an alcoholic, really!)
6. Pineapple
7. Melon (good for dipping in chocolate fountains)
8. Kiwifruit – cut off the top & it’s a fuzzy little boiled egg.

8 Places I’d like to travel
1. Japan
2. Canada
3. New York
4. Mexico
5. Australia
6. Prague
7. China
8. California

8 Places I’ve lived
1. Glasgow (was born there)
2. Aberdeen
3. Inverness
4. Livingston (just outside Edinburgh)
5. Edinburgh
6. Worthing (moved to England when I was 15)
7. Southampton (while at Uni)
8. West Worthing – Now! (technically a cheat, but I ran out of places!

Regarding the tagging…I’m still relatively new on the mummy blogging block, and I’ve taken ages to get round to these, so I’m not sure who’s been tagged already, & I don’t want to bug anyone, so I’m going to be lame & just say if you don’t already have one of these awards, help yourself, on me 🙂
(Hey, if you’re reading this, you qualify as great!)
And if you haven’t done the meme, do that too, it’s fun.

And, in lieu of taggage, have a peek at my blog roll (over there————> somewhere), and visit the lovely people I read. They’re fabulous 🙂

Okay, DONE! Phew 🙂

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